Plastering Work

Ceiling plastering for outdoor oak summerhouse extension Plastering is a highly skilled process, and takes years of dedicated learning and practical experience to master the many old and new methods.

The techniques of ceiling and wall coverings using wet-mixed cement renders and gypsum plasters are a traditional part of British building, and a professionally skimmed plaster finish looks exceptionally beautiful and provides the perfect base for decorative applications.

The choice of plaster, whether hardwall, browning or bonding, will depend upon the type and condition of the surface being covered, and our expert plasterers will advise on the type of plaster most suitable. For example, a thin skim with finishing plaster is used to replace a thin layer of the original plaster that is coming away, or for plastering onto stud walls. Where the surface is uneven such as brick or block, a coarse bonding or undercoat plaster is applied first to even out imperfections. When fully dried out this is then covered with fine or multi-finishing plaster.

We can also provide lime rendering as a traditional and ecological method of plastering. For more information about plastering and lime rendering please contact our office.

We also undertake floor screeding in preparation for carpet, vinyl or wood coverings. We use both traditional cement and sand mix laid by hand, or the gypsum-based self-levelling screeds where appropriate, and sometimes a combination of both depending upon the condition of the floor. Though we say it ourselves, Willmont are the smoothest operators in town!