About Willmont Building

Our Team

sean-willmontSean Willmont

Sean has been in the building trade for over 30 years with a wealth of experience, he is the face of Willmont Building Services and is responsible for initial first contact, meeting customers and finding out their requirements, estimating and planning along with the running and customer service side of the business and contracts.


clare-richardsClare Richards

Our super efficient office manager who keep us all on our toes, making sure we are doing what we should be doing.

Clare is responsible for everything that revolves around, comes in or out of the office, providing facts, figures, important information, communicating to everyone to keep the show on the road.


martin-saundersMartin Saunders

Martin is the contracts manager and Sean's right hand man, responsible and in contact with just about everything that goes on in the world of Willmont Building Services with a vast range of general building knowledge throughout the trade, very reliable, polite and a first class tradesmen who can produce any piece of furniture or unit from basically a tree.

steve-griffithsSteve Griffiths (The General)

Our very own General who can virtually turn his hand to anything being a very conscientious multi skilled tradesman.


liam-willmontLiam Willmont

Sean's Son, has recently graduated from Bristol UWE with a Barchelor of Science in construction management. Liam is now working at Willmont Building services and is our trainee estimator, surveyor, architect, builder and property developer in the making. He is just adding the finer touches ready for his big challenge ahead.

steve-bairdSteve Baird

Our specialist very conscientious decorator who can undertake any task thrown at him to the greatest of his ability, there's nothing this man does not know or cannot do within his profession, also a very multi skilled tradesmen. 


Simon's a very hard working labourer, such a pleasure to have around and gives it his all.


alan-spanswickAlan Spanswick (Bamber)

Years and years of experience, very polite, hardworking, quality workmanship, finishes every job on time to perfection.


joe-mudieJoe (The Blow) Mudie

Very experienced bricklayer and groundworker, knows the meaning of hard graft and what time to start work in the morning, watch him go...


mark-barclayMark (Rambo) Barclay

A traditonal old school carpenter, very reliable, hard working and very much a team player who will never let you down.


mick-rosserMick (Chopper) Rosser

A very reliable carpenter and multi skilled all rounder, works his heart out and gives it his all producing fine quality work at all times and never gives up.


wayne-nashWayne Nash

This is the most hard working semi/skilled labourer you will ever come accross, the only problem we have is stopping him and telling him to go home. A very nice polite lad who will do anything for anybody and is a pleasure to work with.


bob-pennieBob Pennie

Our carpet supplier who can source anything that has ever been made in the carpet and flooring industry, a very good team player and very reliable at all times with a wealth of experience.



Graeme has come on with a wealth of experience gained over many years in the building trade. Graeme likes to be on the job from the very start and see it right through to the end, showing off his multitude of skills and leadership. Leaving a first class job every time with very satisfied customers.